Vampire is a powerful race that have the power to control blood, they were extinct 800 years ago until the resurrection of the two remaining member which include the leader.

Appearance Edit

Vampires are characterized by the silver hair. While in combat or using their powers the vampire gains a crimson red sclera.

History Edit

Vampires are an ancient, powerful race that have the power over blood. They were once fearful species whom famous for their combat strength, however some time in the past 800 years ago they became extinct and the Demons salvaged and sealed their body parts. Up to chapter 174, two members of the race were revived. Noted by Xerheart, they have incredible healing power of restoring body parts which include the heart thus making them immortal.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Vampires possess great physical strength and speed.

Blood Multiplication: The greatest power vampires posses is their ability to control blood. This ability allows one to control their blood for a variate of effects such solidification and vaporization among other things. However a vampire’s blood is not infinite and it can run out, leading to death 

Solidification: A vampire are capable of solidifing their blood in to weapons, barriers, and clones.

Vaporization: A vampire can capable of vaporizing their blood, turn it into a mist that can kill a person from the inside out.

Regeneration: Vampires have increabile regenerative ability, capable of healing all injuries and regrowing body parts. There regenerative power are such that they can even regenerate their hearts if destroyed, something other beings can not do.

Conversion Edit

Vampires can make more of their kind by sharing their blood with another. Vampire blood will turn anyone regardless of what they are into a vampire. Additional by being turned one can recovery from fatal injuries as evidence by Xerheart wanted to give Su-In to save her after the later was injured.

Trivia Edit

  • In the old days vampires are shown to have lived in castle
Reference Chapter 183 Chapter 184

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