People are so up into the current mangas they read, and the list is usually so big that they either dont get time to review new mangas or don't bother or even if they want they just google up To10 or Top30 manga lists and select the one they like. I was the same to be honest. My list of mangas to wait for wasn't that big but it was rather that i couldnt find the time and my access to the Internet was limited.

But out of the blue, by a mistake actually, i stumbled upon Soul Cartel. And once i started reading i just couldnt stop. And that made me think there are other mangas out there as well aside from the top 20 or top 30 that are worth the read. Out of the Top 10 now, m,ajority are really old ones when there wasnt so much saturation in the mangaka market. But today, you can see 4 - 6 new realeases everyday. I know its impossible to ke
New mangas

New Mangas at

epup with all of them.

But I do strongly support the notion that we should atleast try to read the new ones, maybe 1 chapter, I for one have made it a habbit to atleast read the summary. And i often find thigs that tickle me feather.

So whenever you see a new release, please do try to get a glimpse of it. Who knows you might stumble upon something you end up really liking, like i did with Soul Cartel.

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