Story Arcs Edit

Prologue Edit

The Contract Edit

Journey in Hell Edit

1st Hell Saga Edit

Azrael Base Visit Edit

Soul Hunter Battle Edit

2nd Hell Saga Edit

The Witch Missionary Edit

The Witch Clan Conspiracy Edit

The Grand Witch and the Demon Edit

3rd Hell Saga Edit

Attack on the Azrael Base Edit

An Encounter with a Devil Edit

Mephistopheles vs Beelzebub: Round 1 Edit

Saving Mephisto Edit

Mephistopheles vs Beelzebub: Round 2

Epilogue: The Six-Month Separation Edit

4th Hell Saga Edit


Tourney: First Part Edit

Night Rescue: Saving the Two Sisters Edit

Tourney: Shi Hoon's Battle

Epilogue: Pluto Edit

5th Hell Saga Edit

Prologue: The Vampires and the Plutos Edit

The Enemy Revealed Edit

Attack on 5th Hell: Vampire Battle Edit

Attack on 5th Hell: Devil Battle Edit

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