Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Affiliation Gilgath
Relatives Gilgath (older brother)
Webtoon Chapter 140

Cheshua Almedihar (formerly known as Xerheart) is a vampire that disguises as a demon to infiltrate Demon City, Korun to retrieve the vampire body parts of his brother and himself, that demons scattered for 800 years. He is the young brother of Gilgath.

Appearance Edit

In his demon disguise, he appears as a tall man with black hair; dress a red jacket, a black high collar shirt, a black pair of pants and combat boots.

As a vampire, he appears as tall and handsome with blue eyes and silver hair. He dons a noble-style long sleeve ultramarine high-collared shirt, silver bell with white pants and a pair of brown combat boots.

Personality Edit

Xerheart first appeared as a very aloof demon who doesn't seem to care much about the matters in the demon city, often brushing off the comments of other demons in regard to his actions. However, he has shown a protective and caring side to his nature, as he helped and protected them when they entered the Underworld for the first time prior to the main story line. His protectiveness however, does not seem to extend to those related to the ones he care about, as he was shown to attempt to kill Shi-Hun to save Su-In in spite of the former being her younger brother.

Xerheart also remorsed and greived his brother death after received the blood sword with the task of rebuilding the clan.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a vampire, he has the power to manipulate blood to conjure as a strong weapon for combat feat. He can also regenerate every part of his body including his heart. Having received the blood sword from his brother after he succeed in revenge for their clan and kill the betrayor right before his death, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Ties of Blood: (Blood Manipulation Techniques)  

Blood Solidification:  

Bloody Daggers: Dagger made from blood that Xerherat can lunch at his enemies 

Blood Spear: Powerful spears of blood that can be used to attack opponents.

Blood Barrier Sphere (Unnamed): A sphere of blood that can be used to block and defend from attacks.

Blood Vaporization

Bloody Mists: Vampire blood in the form of a red crimson mist that Xerheart can be used to kill someone, by causing them to bleed from the inside out.  

Image Gallery Edit

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