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This wiki is about the manhwa Soul Cartel. A beginning of an action packed fantasy adventure of a boy who gets into a contract with the devil Mephistopheles to be the referee in the historic rematch against Faust. The downside is, the battle will be in the Underworld which is filled with Angels and Devils and countless demons who are all hunting for his priceless young human body.

About the MangaEdit

The Artist on the Manga is KIM Yeong-ji who is also the Artist of "Thesis"

The Author of Soul Cartel is KIM Eun-hyo.

It is a Korean Manga or Manhwa, started in 2012 and is continuing. It is read left to right and is entirely in colour pages.


Soul Cartel


==Latest activity==

Chapter 147 released. You can read it now on Soul Cartel Chapters Soul Cartel Chapters

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