Also Known as Archdevil of Combat
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Archdevil
Gender None (demons are genderless)
Title Lord
Rank Archdevil
Attribute Fire
Items ArchDevil Stigma
Occupation ArchDevil
Affiliation Devil
Cha Shi-Hun
Cha Su-In
Relatives Beelzebub (Younger Brother)
Mastema (Younger Brother)

Astaroth (Younger Sister)

Webtoon Chapter 1

Mephistopheles (more commonly known as Mephisto) is one of the main characters of the manhwa and is the first Archdevil shown. He is also known as the Archdevil of Combat.


Mephistopheles is seen to have a rather child-like personality in the series. He has a lot of pride and one of the quickest ways to annoy him is to insult that. He often does a dance when happy and glares at, if he doesn't pick a fight with, those who annoy him. Being a devil, he has no remorse or apprehending in threatening or killing others to get what he want. He loves to fight, as shown by him often asking an opponent if they would like to fight him, and taunt them when they accepts. Due to his power as an Archdevil, he overpowers most of his opponents and hence hate weak opponents. However, he gets excited when he meets powerful and strong opponents, or those that have the potential to become strong, and may sometimes spare their lives in hope that they may become stronger and fight him again in the future. He hates to lose a fight be it physical, verbal or etc, as shown by his still refusal to accept that Faust defeated him in their fight over 500 years ago.


Mephisto is most often seen as a child with long red hair and crimson eyes. He wears a black waistcoat and leather pants with ankle high combat boots. He has crimson fire wings, which he uses to fly around when bored but also fights with them, and a black devil's tail.

His true form is a more mature version of his chibi form wherein he appears to be in his late teens. Mephisto stated before that he hates using this form because it offends his devil aesthetic as to him, being small and cute is the best, and hence only uses this form to access the full range of his powers to battle opponent he deem worthy and has used this form to utterly defeat and destroy Nigul the demon and the Supreme Witch. This form has initially sports black, bat-like wings but these are replaced by wings formed of Mephisto's Crimson Flame after he retrieves the heart that was repaired by Nova Len.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mephisto is one of the 4 Archdevils, making him one of the most powerful beings in existence. Mephisto can use "Hell's Resentment" which is a giant sword that emerges from the sky and a hand that is used to control this sword. In addition, Hell's Resentment can be used six times in tandem, known as Hell's Resentment: Rampage, along with creating Mephisto's alter ego Asura of Resentment. This avatar is made from the bones in Mephisto's right arm and the blades from his left, and is seen being able to use a sonic attack emitted from its mouths as well as wield all six blades - this is known as Blazing Onslaught of Fury, which can take down the Supreme Witch's ultimate black magic spell in mere seconds. Asura's wild dance is capable of disarming Beelzebub's Yasha of his four spears. Mephisto lost one of his hearts during a battle with a Pluto, who died as a result. Nova Len, a talented blacksmith in hell repaired the heart and made modifications to make it stronger. But the currently weakened heart would have been unable to take the strain of Mephisto's flames and so was put in Cerberus for 300 years to acclimatise before being returned to the archdevil during his battle with Beelzebub. This heart made Mephisto more powerful, allowing him to shatter Yasha's Black Spear with his regular hand, when he previously couldn't counter it; the strength upgrade is most noticeable in Mephisto's wings, which are now comprised of Crimson Flame.

Esoterism Asura of Dark Fire Six Dragons: This is Mephistopheles newest and most powerful form. Mephistopheles achieves this form by becoming one with the Esoterism. In this form, six crimson dragon heads comprised of Crimson Flames spring forth like fire from Mephistopheles’s back, additional two large halos stand behind Mephistopheles. Once activated Mephistopheles’s power are greatly increased. 

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