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God's Papyrus was the first object of God to be introduced in the manhwa in chapter 7 wrapped around Mephistopheles' brand on Faust's left wrist.

Appearance Edit

God's Papyrus is a thin, long piece of paper that glows an extremely bright white. Its length and seemingly Infinite and is often seen wrapped around Faust's left wrist

Powers and Abilities Edit

As an artifact of creation, God's Papyrus is able to create any object imagined by the user as long as he/she understands the object completely from its foundation up. What objects that can be created are hence restricted by the user's knowledge of objects and of how the Papyrus works. With greater study, the user can create more complex items, from simple tools at first, to a house, and even animate objects (such as Pallas) that can be controlled mentally by the user. One of the its key features is its ability to protects the user from incoming danger automatically, even if the user does not detect it himself/herself. As an item of God, it cannot be easily destroyed, as shown in chapter 9 that even Mephistopheles cannot break it with sheer strength.

  • Rune of Creation: By using the papyrus to form a circle, the user can use it like a pentagram spell to create anything that the user can imagine, and fully comprehend the object from every perspective. With greater understanding of the papyrus and more objects, the user can create larger and more complex objects, even animate objects that can be controlled mentally.
  • The Picture Book of God: This is an evolution of God’s Papyrus. It takes the form of a a white book with gold outlines and a cross. It can be used to create fantastical beings that are impossible and beings that do not exist in reality. It was first shown in the fight between Uriel and Raphael, after Uriel handed corrupted Faust God’s Sword to kill Raphael. Only to reveal that Faust false corruption and counter attack with Picture books of God.

The 13th Animal of God from Genesis: A powerful white colored wolf with six horns and angelic wings. It also has patch of golden yellow fur around it eyes.

The 5th Animal of God from Genesis: A dragon with the ability of ice (nothing more is known when it was summoned it was destroyed in a matter of seconds). It has blue eyes and scales around his body.

Sources Edit

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