Vampires are an ancient race in the underworld that were thought to have been driven into extinction hundreds of years before the main story. They have the ability to eject, and manipulate their blood from their bodies to perform a degree of combative feats.

Biology Edit

The vampires appear to be human-looking beings, with distinctive white hair and golden eyes that all known members of the race share so far. It is unknown if they can reproduce sexually, but however, in chapter 184, it stated that any being, regardless of race, who drinks vampire blood, will have all their cells transformed into vampire cells, effective turning one into a vampire.  

Powers and Abilities Edit

Vampires are known for the prowess in combat, and are able to expel and manipulate their blood to perform powerful and elaborate attacks against their opponents. They are also able to use their blood to regenerate parts of their body, including their heart, making them effectively immortal. However, they face true death should their entire body be drained of their blood.  

Society Edit

Among the vampires, there is a leader who has power to summon fallen vampires who left their blood behind to pass on their strength.

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